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Родной язык :  Французский
Изучаемый язык :  Японский, Английский
Hello ! My name is Nicolas. I'm a student currently learning Japanese and I hope to find some penpals or friends on this website. ( I'm also learning Korean and Chinese as a hobby) I can help you with French and English. Feel free to drop me a line whenever you want! Cheers
Родной язык :  Французский
Изучаемый язык :  Немецкий, Английский
Hi ! My name is Anaïs, I'm 15 and I'm searching for penpals and friends from all around the world ! I'm trying to learn Korean and I love Asian culture. so don't wait to contact me !
Родной язык :  Арабский
Изучаемый язык :  Английский
My name is Zizo. I am from the Middle East. I work as an English teacher. I love reading, watching series, swimming, and soccer. I am fluent in both Arabic and English. I would love find some penpals to contact them in English. I am able to help you in English and Arabic.
Родной язык :  Английский, Японский, Китайский (мандарин)
Изучаемый язык :  Корейский, Французский, Немецкий
Hi, there. Nice to meet you. My name is Kwenshan, a Chinese living in Japan. I work at an electronics company as an R&D engineer. My hobby is to learn foreign languages. My mother tongue is Chinese, and I speak Japanese well( since I'm living here for 7 years). besides, I learnt German for 5 years (middle level), and Korean ( beginner level). Recently I'm learning French in a B1 level course. Each German, Korean, French I don't have any chance to use them. So I hope I can find some penpals here to practise them and discuss some interesting things with new people from different countries. Waiting for your messages. Thank you very much.
Родной язык :  Английский, Филиппинский (Тагальский)
Изучаемый язык :  Греческий, Португальский, Испанский
Hi! my name is gilbey from the philippines. I speak english and filipino and I am 16 years old.I want to meet new people, learn more about cultures and languages like Spanish and Portuguese because it feels good when I know a lot of things about the world especially in Spain. I am just a simple guy who do sports like swimming.I love doing photography.I also love reading books that are very thrilling like the different kinds of fiction and I also am a fan of manga and anime.I also love watching movies especially marvel movies like the Avengers.What I also love to do during my free time is taking long walks like along the beach and jogging to keep my body fit and do travel and also listening to music( I am a big fan of Ed Sheeran, Air Supply and Bruno Mars,you know). Another thing, if you need help in English,I would be happy to help you and would be glad in guiding you throughout everything you needed to learn .Lastly,I want to know about you because we might be great penpals or maybe we can meet in real life.My penpal could be either girl or boy and it is best if they are about my age.Thanks for those who would contact me.
Родной язык :  Английский, Хинди, Пенджабский, Тайский, Урду
Изучаемый язык :  Французский, Китайский (мандарин), Испанский, Китайский (Кантонский)
Waiting to hear from you so soon I am Abdul Rashid, a high School Math Teacher. I am here to make penpals from all around the world. I like reading, writing, swimming, travelling,hiking, watching realistic movies, cooking and playing cricket. Don't you think that we are all divided by distances but united by our curiosity? We are worlds apart, and yet, your words feel so close. Familiar. Thank you for being out there.
Родной язык :  Французский
Изучаемый язык :  Английский, Русский, Испанский
Hi I'm baptiste,I'm 24. it has been a month since I arrived in Belfast. I'm hoping to find some penpals either way, to improve my english/spanish or learn new languages and of course, meet new people.
Родной язык :  Венгерский
Изучаемый язык :  Финский, Английский
Hello! I would like to get some 'virtual friends' and penpals all over the world, learn about other cultures and countries. Also improve my english. I welcome everione who want to practice hungarian or english or just want to chat with somebody. As a native speaker I can offer some help in Hungarian. In finnish I'm a absolute begginer. I'am looking forward to hearing from you Best regards: Karesz
Родной язык :  Испанский
Изучаемый язык :  Английский
Hello! I'm Javier and I'm from Bolivia. I'm looking for penpals. I 'm curious to learn other cultures and lenguages. Pop up and say hi. :)
Родной язык :  Русский
Изучаемый язык :  Шведский, Английский
Hi!! I try to learn swedish and english, i like a scandindavian culture and lifestyle. I like to travel, especially yachting, music, hunting and wild nature. I'll be glad to find a new friends or penpals!