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Родной язык :  Английский
Изучаемый язык :  Корейский
hello im unique high school student first year my grades aren't complet ass but their on their way to being better than that im 14 i just moved once more to virginia and i could never feel less at home haha ;_))) but i'm gonna make it ummmmmm im in to korean alot thu far this is my second year of learning and not understanding lol i'm an art major so im exploring and someone kinda caught my eye but we're not talking about him (jhoooooooope) i like to dance i'm really into astroligy and things having to do with the stars i'm into learning about what ever u teach me and more i like to right books so this isn't hard haha soooooooooooo..... what the hell are you waiting for lets talk and don't get scared if we have nothing in common so far here i have one thing i'm here your here see that's a lot in common we are a great team !!!!!