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Родной язык :  Английский, Индонезийский, Яванский
Изучаемый язык :  Английский, Турецкий, Корейский
Hello my Name is Nur Aziza , I'm Indonesian. I'm here for learning and improving my English language. I do love British accent in English since i watched Harry Potter' films when i was teen, it sounds so classy and unique. I'm also curious at Turkish and Korean language because i always wonder to visit those countries so much. i hope to get the culture insight as i learn the language as well. So, it will be pleasure if someone can drop me a message to get some practices. Traveling is my favorite, especially nature trips. I wish i can make friends from anywhere, any countries and any languages, It will be fun for me to know more in languages and cultures out there.
Родной язык :  Английский, Индонезийский, Корейский
Изучаемый язык :  Немецкий, Корейский, Французский, Турецкий
I'm Meylan from Indonesia. I want to meet friends from every where. I'm an English Teacher especially for children. I can spean English well, I can spean Korean a lil bit and I wanto learn it. I want to learn many languages. I like read abook, listening music, watching a movie.
Родной язык :  Индонезийский
Изучаемый язык :  Английский, Турецкий, Корейский
Hello friends, im from indonesia, and im highschool students. I want to have more friends from other country. Its great that we can share about our country, and whoever can help me to teach my korean,turkish,and english language, you can text me, thank you very much! And lets be friend!