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Родной язык :  Английский, Филиппинский (Тагальский)
Изучаемый язык :  Корейский, Китайский (мандарин)
Hi. I'm LV and I'm looking for someone who could teach me Chinese or Korean .. Feel free to contact me.
Родной язык :  Английский, Испанский
Изучаемый язык :  Японский, Китайский (мандарин), Французский, Китайский (Кантонский)
My career is language education, so i hope to find people who need help with Spanish or English and that in the same way help me to my knowledge in the languages ​​I am learning.
Родной язык :  Английский
Изучаемый язык :  Итальянский, Русский, Украинский, Испанский
Hey I'm Jason I'm 27 I live in Los Angeles. I'm friendly,active,open and funny. I really enjoy to travel,learn about other cultures and countries. I love to hang out with my friends and family, read, dance, etc. Also, I love to try new experiences! Now I'm learning Russian language. Feel free to message me if you need help with English:)
Родной язык :  Арабский, Английский, Испанский, Французский
Изучаемый язык :  Корейский, Немецкий, Японский
hi ! everybody. my name is fouzia .I am an IT engineer, travel lover, and i'm currently looking for a language exchange partner to study Korean, german or japanese language. And i can help you to learn Spanish, English , French or Arabic . I'm so interested about learning new languages and discovering new cultures and ideas, so feel free to contact me if you want to learn any of those languages. Hopefully I sparked your interest and we can become friends and study together.
Родной язык :  Немецкий, Английский
Изучаемый язык :  Французский, Иврит, Испанский, Финский
Normal People scare me. So, feel free to write me, when you're crazy like me. I´m interested in learning new languages. Of course, I love to experience new cultures, too. Je cherche quelqu'un pour apprendre le français. J'ai appris français cinq ans à l'école et maintenant je veux parler et écrire avec un locuteur natif. Toujours l`amour <3🏳️‍🌈
Родной язык :  Английский, Испанский
Изучаемый язык :  Арабский, Португальский, Русский
Hello I'm Drew, I love traveling,being outside, enjoying nature, talking to people. I'm very interested to learn new languages and travel around the world. If you're interested to help me out, feel free to message me:) I would prefer to talk with people who are older than me. I can even talk with married people with children and without. As they are free to practice and don't work, we can help each other in pronunciation)) I'm currently started learning Arabic, Portuguese, Russian. I'll help you with English, write me:) I thought it'd be a great idea to take this time of quarantine to practice my language skills and help others around the world.
Родной язык :  Английский, Турецкий
Изучаемый язык :  Английский
Родной язык :  Английский, Финский
Изучаемый язык :  Японский, Китайский (мандарин), Корейский
My name is jasmine and i want to learn korean i can teach you english🙇🏻‍♀️And if you need a foreign friend💮
Родной язык :  Английский
Изучаемый язык :  Испанский
Hola! Me llamo Harry soy de inglaterra pero vivo gales ahora. I love España and the Spanish language and I would like to become fluent. My Spanish is improving slowly but I'm still at a basic stage. I'd like to make friends of any age from any country. If you want to learn or improve your English, I'm happy to help. I think it's easier to learn in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. I'm open minded and I'm happy to talk about any subjects. Don't hesitate to message me :)
Родной язык :  Английский, Французский
Изучаемый язык :  Испанский, Русский
Привет! Меня зовут yohann. Сейчас я изучаю русскй и испанский язык, ищу друзей и помощь в обучении. Так же могу помочь вам в изучении француский или английский языка. Hola, me llamo yohann. Ahora estoy estudiando ruso y español, buscando amigos y ayuda en el aprendizaje. También puedo ayudarte a aprender francés o inglés. Hello! My name is yohann. Now I am studying Russian and Spanish, looking for friends and help in learning. I can also help you learn French or english.
Родной язык :  Английский, Словенский, Шведский
Изучаемый язык :  Японский
Hi, I’m Eric! Let's exchange Japanese and English! I speak fluent English and I have many international contacts in my work. I'm not a teacher, but I have helped foreign friends improve their English and I can help you also. I have traveled to many countries. Let’s talk about Japan, USA and other cultures, food, movies, travel, history, and so on! I'm seriously learning Japanese by myself as a beginner and now I need simple conversation. I can read ひらがな and カタカナ. I love to hear the Japanese language and I often watch Japanese TV shows on Netflix (with English subtitles). I am happily married and I live in a U.S. city area of 3 million inhabitants. よろしくおねがいします
Родной язык :  Арабский, Английский, Французский
Изучаемый язык :  Финский, Нидерландский (Голландский), Немецкий, Русский
My name is mohammed Amine i am mechatronics engineer i like playing football basketball and tennis and hanging out and listening to music and watching some movies and series
Родной язык :  Английский, Хинди
Изучаемый язык :  Немецкий
Hello everyone! My love for different cultures and traditions brings me here. I have learnt German and want to practice with other learners, especially native speakers. I would be glad to help others with English or / and Hindi. A small request: Only those who are really serious and keen to better their language skills should drop me a message. Hallo allerseits! Wenn Sie Lust haben, Hindi oder / und Englisch zu lernen, oder mit mir, Deutsch zu üben, dann schicken Sie mir eine Nachricht. Ich würde mich sehr darüber freuen.
Родной язык :  Немецкий, Английский, Французский
Изучаемый язык :  Португальский
Hi there, I'm a European language lover, and I'm currently trying to improve my intermediate/ beginner Portuguese (from Portugal) skills, but it can be hard without living in a Portuguese speaking country. I'm very curious and open minded, and am happy to help you learn or practice French, English or German. As I'm still learning the grammar, I'd like to focus only on Portugal Portuguese for now, as Brazilian can easily confuse me at this stage, sorry :-) Thank you! Carolina
Родной язык :  Арабский, Английский
Изучаемый язык :  Итальянский, Португальский, Испанский, Турецкий
Hello, My name is George. I'm 29 years old and I live in in Egypt. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish. I'd be happy to help you to learn Arabic and English in exchange.
Родной язык :  Английский, Турецкий
Изучаемый язык :  Персидский, Китайский (мандарин), Русский, Французский
Hello! I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I am an English teacher. I have been doing PhD at a university at the same time. I speak Turkish, English and French. English is not my native language. It's Turkish. I like doing sports, going for a walk and playing tabletennis. We can exchange the languages with ones who want to learn or improve Turkish, English or French.
Родной язык :  Английский, Французский
Изучаемый язык :  Корейский
Hello! I'm a French native speaker and I teach English. I'm also currently doing my PhD in contemporary British fantasy fiction. I read a lot (not a lot of fiction nowadays though because of my research), I enjoy travelling and visiting cities, learning languages, and walking. I started learning Korean a few months ago quite by chance and I'm really enjoying this learning experience. I'd like to find language partners to practise what I learn at the language centre and get to know the country and the culture better. I can help both with French and English :) *Please do not contact me for anything other than a language and culture exchange.*
Родной язык :  Английский, Тайский
Изучаемый язык :  Французский, Китайский (мандарин), Английский
Hi there, Are you ready to learn Thai? I want to be a Thai teacher :) and learn new language too My name is Nat from Bangkok. I want to be a Thai teacher and I'd like to helping people who want to practice or learn Thai language. Please add me my Line to start to practice Thai . I prefer to teach you by vdo chat or in person. Thanks for reading my profile I also love to learn new languages and cultures.
Родной язык :  Английский, Индонезийский, Яванский
Изучаемый язык :  Японский, Китайский (мандарин), Корейский, Китайский (Кантонский), Чешский
An Arts and Culture's enthusiast. Love to cultural exchange and learn more about other languages. If you like to practicing either Bahasa Indonesia or English, let's do it. Don't think about mistakes, because it's proof that you're trying. Will it be easy? Nope Worth it? Absolutely So, go ahead and keep the spirit up !! Cayoo ☺.
Родной язык :  Английский, Персидский
Изучаемый язык :  Японский
Hi. I'm Ali from Iran. I'm learning Japanese and I want to travel to Japan someday . But all are welcome who wants to learn Persian. I like Japan and Japanese , I like to find a Japanese friend for my language practice. For exchange I can teach Persian and/or help to learn English. My hobbies is studying Japanese, watching Anime and cars. Feel free to add me on Line and Instagram or language exchange groups. 話そう