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Hey! I'm Indonesian-born Chinese and currently living in Taiwan for study Chinese. My Chinese reading isn't so good but I can do everyday texting. I can speak English pretty fluent and also I have some American accent (according what people say). English is more like my first language actually.. I can speak a lil bit of Japanese (I've learnt in Indonesia before but starting to forgetting since in Taiwan I have no Japanese friends like when I'm in Indonesia) My Javanese is only speaking, no reading at all. I can hangout sometimes. >.<
Hello :) I have a lot of dreams. I love music. I can play guitar and sing too. My english is so bad, that's why I want to learn more about english. I always improve my English everyday. I want to learn korean and japanese too. I want to make frienship with anyone from any country. I always uphold tolerance. Let's talk and practicing language together. Don't hesitate to massage me. I hope we can be friend! :)
Изучаемый язык :  Корейский, Итальянский
Perkernalkan nama saya Agung dari Indonesia,saya mencari teman latihan berbicara dalam bahasa Korea,Italian dan lainnya.saya masih belajar juga... 인도네시아 출신 인 아궁이라는 이름을 소개하면서 한국어, 이탈리아어 및 기타 언어로 말하는 파트너를 찾고 있습니다.. 나는 기다려요..!!!
Изучаемый язык :  Английский, Турецкий
Hi, Im Hapni. Industrial engineering student who interested in education. Haha its not something wrong right? Im here to improving my english skills. I wish this site will works on me. I love walking alone, reading novels and history books, travelling, writing poem, new in volunteering world, see the stars, etc
Hi there... I'm Wahyu, 27 years old, live in Jakarta. I am a native Indonesian and Javanese (one of Indonesian local language). I speak intermediate English and need to improve it. I interest in learning languages, knowing other cultures (literally, like all languages, ASL is cool tho). Do not hesitate to hit me up... Fyi, I learn those languages (in my profile) in Duolingo (not even the basic) and I don't think that would effective enough without using it in conversation, so bear with me... Thank you
Изучаемый язык :  Немецкий
Hi, ich bin Lena. ich lerne zurzeit deutsch, weil ich nach deutschland gehen will, um zu studieren. Ich möchte Deutsch von jedem von euch aus Deutschland lernen. Ich bin sehr froh, Ihnen Indonesisch und Englisch beibringen zu können, oder wenn Sie Interesse haben, kann ich Ihnen Javanisch beibringen (die am häufigsten verwendete traditionelle indonesische Sprache). So los geht's!
Hi, My name is Avia Vionita from Yogyakarta (Indonesia)now I study in Taiwan (Kaoshiung), I studied Mandarin language for 3 years, but I think my skill not enough, so I looking for Language Exchange to improve my skill. I am also like share Culture. If you interested Just let's talk Let's Be Friends :)
Hello. I am Sellyn, an Indonesian. I wanna be a girl that can watch Korean dramas without subtitle. It's pretty tiring when you have to be focused on two things, they're the actors and subtitle. That's why I'm learning Korean. Also I wanna be fluent in Italian, because I wanna work there someday. German.. because I wanna study there. Hit me up if you have the same interest. Let's have a cup of tea
Hi I'm Dian, if you interested in music, poem, film, and culture, we can be the best friend. Just feel free to chat me