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Родной язык :  Тайский
Изучаемый язык :  Английский, Жестовые языки (Япония)
I'm Beam I'm learning English and interesting Japanese. looking for practice. I love travel and new culture.
Родной язык :  Английский, Шведский
Изучаемый язык :  Японский, Жестовые языки (Швеция), Исландский
A pen pal told me she didn't think she could help me with my Japanese because she learned it from playing untranslated old video games. But that's actually the reason I want to learn Japanese in the first place! Hi, I write music sometimes; often with rhymes. Feel free to speak with me about the unicorns
Родной язык :  Португальский
Изучаемый язык :  Английский, Жестовые языки (Италия)
Hi. Amid this chaotic scenario of the corona-virus, I am looking for a partner who can help me improve my English with conversations on Zoom or Skype and, why not ?, make silly jokes and laugh amid the chaos. By the way, I can help you if you want to learn Portuguese. I am prioritizing learning English, but I also want to learn the most beautiful language in the world: Italians are welcome <3
Родной язык :  Арабский, Французский, Жестовые языки (Марокко)
Изучаемый язык :  Английский, Немецкий
Hello everyone! This is Hayat from the South East Morocco, i’m 25 years old and i’m a graduate of biology and i recently finished my diploma in health care. I would like to exchange languages and to share likes and hobbies. My hobbies include sports, hiking, long walks, photography and enjoying books and movies. I’m a Berber, French and Arabic native speaker so don’t hesitate to hit me up, i will be happy to help you. Prenez soins de vous!
Родной язык :  Китайский (мандарин)
Изучаемый язык :  Жестовые языки (Китай), Английский, Немецкий
Hi All, I'm Harlee, I'm here to learn and practice my German and English. I love making new friends with people, who have different culture background. And I'm a fun and comprehensive person, so free to talk with me about travel, films, social and culture, or anything you want to know about China. Besides, I'm also a student major in Vehicle Engineering, and plan to go to German for further Education. So it'll be nice to know more about German!
Родной язык :  Вьетнамский
Изучаемый язык :  Жестовые языки (США)
Hi, everyone! My name is Phuong. I like listening to music, reading book and shopping. I want to improve my skills English. I hope to make friends with everyone 😊😊😊
Родной язык :  Русский, Жестовые языки (Испания), Украинский
Изучаемый язык :  Английский, Корнский
Hello, everyone! My name Alisa! I’m 21 y.o. I’m living in Spain right now! I’m student and I’m going to lead restoration of the paintings. My mother language is Russian and Ukrainian, but also I can speak Spanish. I’m artist so my hobby is drawing. I love to draw portraits so much! So if I’m finding a friend here I can draw him/her 😄 I would like to practice English more and I hope I can find English speaking friend! Nice to meet you! Let’s talk!
Родной язык :  Урду, Жестовые языки (- Другие -)
Изучаемый язык :  Английский
Hello, My name is Hasnain Riyaz. I'm 27 years old and I live in in Pakistan. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English. I'd be happy to help you to learn Urdu and Sign Language (- Other -) in exchange.
Родной язык :  Болгарский
Изучаемый язык :  Английский, Корейский, Турецкий, Жестовые языки (Джестуно)
Hello, My name is Djanan. I'm 29 years old and I live in in Bulgaria. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English, Korean, Turkish and Sign Language (International). I'd be happy to help you to learn Bulgarian in exchange.
Родной язык :  Жестовые языки (Великобритания), Английский
Изучаемый язык :  Корейский, Жестовые языки (Республика Корея), Китайский (мандарин), Японский, Китайский (Кантонский)
I am looking for a friend who can help me learn Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish. I will help you with learning speaking English or BSL (British Sign Language) I am not deaf so I can help translate English words into BSL. I can speak a little Korean and Spanish but I am very new to Japanese and Chinese. I hahope we can be good friends! I have 카톡.
Родной язык :  Жестовые языки (Мадагаскар)
Изучаемый язык :  Жестовые языки (Франция)
Bonjour, je viens de Madagascar, au plaisir d'apprendre à la découverte des différentes cultures. Je souhaite me perfectionner en langue française. Merci.
Родной язык :  Арабский, Арабский
Изучаемый язык :  Французский, Жестовые языки (США), Английский
Hello, My name is Adel Tebina, I live in Algeria, I am 43 years old, I have a PhD in law specializing in international law, and a trainer in human development, I speak Arabic fluently and a little French, I am looking for friends who help me in learning English. My motto, learning the language is the key to success.
Родной язык :  Жестовые языки (Эквадор), Английский
Изучаемый язык :  Итальянский, Португальский, Немецкий, Французский
I m a computer engineer that love the languages and enjoy to know people around the world
Родной язык :  Жестовые языки (Саудовская Аравия)
Изучаемый язык :  Корейский
Hello my name is Haya . 20 old. I am studying at the university specializing in fashion design . I want to make friends from the Korean culture to improve my language in it I do not know it well but I know the basics and some vocabulary and I love this language from 7 years and I hope to have Korean friends🤍🇰🇷.
Родной язык :  Турецкий
Изучаемый язык :  Английский, Жестовые языки (Испания)
I am yıldız I am 19 years old I am university students I want to learn English and spanish I like to read books and watch films
Родной язык :  Вьетнамский
Изучаемый язык :  Жестовые языки (США)
i am Na I am a student. I am a vietnamese. I want practicing english. Making friends and let's practice english.
Родной язык :  Жестовые языки (Турция)
Изучаемый язык :  Английский name is Ahmet.i can teach turkish if you want. we can correspond in english.
Родной язык :  Итальянский
Изучаемый язык :  Жестовые языки (Испания)
Hello everyone! My name is Francesco, I'm Italian and I'd like to learn several languages starting from Spanish. I can help you to learn Italian if that's what you're looking for, or with English. My english is very good because I live in the UK, so it's not a problem. Looking for someone to have frequent videochats to exchange languages, cultures and make friends.
Родной язык :  Английский, Казахский, Русский, Узбекский
Изучаемый язык :  Испанский, Украинский, Жестовые языки (Россия)
I like to read books. Usually this novels, detectives, horror films. I have a lot of favorite writers. I know several languages. Now I am learning Spanish If you can help me with the spanish language, I will be very grateful. I can also teach you the Russian language. I already have experience, I taught several foreigners, they were completely satisfied. PLEASE! HELP ME WITH MY Spanish LANGUAGE. I am beginner in Spanish.
Родной язык :  Немецкий, Французский
Изучаемый язык :  Испанский, Жестовые языки (Канада/Квебек), Английский, Итальянский
Salut les amis comment allez-vous ? Moi c'est jean-carnel je suis ici pour pratiquer les langues connaître les cultures étrangères et moi aussi je me charge de vous apprendre la langue anglaise et française.merci cordialement !