Профиль Jhuseyn


Имя Javid
Город Баку
Родная страна AZ Азербайджан
Страна проживания AZ Азербайджан
Возраст 20
Пол Мужской
Родной язык AZ Азербайджанский
DE Немецкий
EN Английский
RU Русский
TR Турецкий
Изучаемый язык EN Английский
RU Русский
DE Немецкий
RO Румынский


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Hi, my name is Javid. I'm 20. Have been learning English for 4 years now, native languages: Azerbaijani/Turkish. It would be cool to learn Russian, considering I have a little bit background on it :) My hobbies are watching TV Series, hanging out with my friends at the weekends, music( I'm lisztomaniac :)).. I have watched 50+ TV series and 1000+ movies so far. We can talk about history, we can talk about culture, we can talk about weird theories thrown by philosophers, we can talk about pretty much everything :) I'm friendly, and pretty good at making new friends :) Feel free to contact if you need any help or if you want to just chat :)

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