Профиль Maxivea


Имя Max
Родная страна FR Франция
Страна проживания FR Франция
Возраст 32
Пол Мужской
Родной язык FR Французский
Изучаемый язык ES Испанский
JA Японский
EN Английский



Hello, I am Max, in my early thirties,

I have travelled in a few countries, recently spent one year in South Korea and another one in Japan.
Now I am back in France and wish to be in touch with new people.
All these years of practising English allow me today to speak it properly. And I would be glad to help you getting better whether you wish to improve your English or your French.
In Korea I worked in an English café so I have some experience.

My notions of Korean and Japanese are rudimentary but I want to learn more.

Beside traveling, things a few of the things I enjoy are rock climbing, baking, go to the karaoke, jogging, smiling, meditating and yoga.

Thanks for reading.

PS: Please don´t do the fadeaway. As the song from Garfunkel and Oates says it well:

"Cause there's the right thing to do
Then there's what I'm gonna do
There's much I should say
But instead, I do the fadeaway"

We can not find everyone interesting. Which is totally normal. And there is nothing wrong with telling your partner that you aren´t interested or at the very least give them hints.

Dale Carnegie — 'To be interesting, be interested.'

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Имя Max
Страна проживания FR Франция
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